GreenTech Amsterdam 2024: Photosynthetic announces Partnership on dynamic LED lighting with Japanese vertical farming company Mirai - Photosynthetic
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Photosynthetic, a leader in innovative LED lighting solutions for CEA (controlled environment agriculture), is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Mirai, a pioneer within vertical farming technology. This collaboration enables the integration of Photosynthetic’s advanced dynamic lighting solutions with Mirai’s turn-key plant factories to improve yields, enhance plant growth, optimize energy efficiency and promote sustainability.

Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Food Production

“We are thrilled to partner with Mirai, a company that not only shares our commitment to quality and sustainability, but that has a proven track record and vast experience both in supplying and operating vertical farms, something very rare in this relatively new industry. Having lived and worked in Japan for many years myself, I also have a strong admiration for the culture and work mentality of the Japanese people, and I appreciate Mirai’s long-term commitment to continuously improve and innovate. Together, I believe we can make a significant impact not only in terms of economic value to our customers, but also to help secure the future of our planet,” said Halvard Aagaard, CEO at Photosynthetic.

“Combining our expertise in vertical farming with Photosynthetic’s advanced dynamic lighting technology will enable us to create more efficient and productive farming systems. This partnership is a major step towards achieving our mission of sustainable food production,” stated Nagateru Nozawa, CEO at Mirai.

Photosynthetic is a brand by Norwegian LED technology company Rift Labs that has been developing award winning LED products and solutions for the global market since 2010. Combining unique and patented software with industry-leading energy efficient hardware, Rift Labs creates exceptional LED technology solutions for two industries: photo and video through cinema lighting brand Kelvin, and indoor agriculture through CEA brand Photosynthetic. Rift Labs’ headquarters is located in Vinterbro, Norway, with commercial offices in Berlin. To learn more about Rift Labs, visit:

Mirai is a pioneer and leader in the vertical farming industry, having developed advanced vertical farming technology and delivered multiple vertical farms globally over the last 20 years. Mirai has deep experience and a wealth of know-how regarding the cultivation and operation of large-scale plant factories both in Japan and overseas. Mirai’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Mirai, visit: