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Stay on top of your growth metrics

Data at a glace, in all detail. Through aggregating sensor data we automate the collection of vast amounts of information about your plants, their growth conditions, your equipment, processes, etc.

Photosynthetic enhances this data and presents it visually via our intuitive dashboard, and gives you suggestions for improvements based on AI.

Real-time insights and control, from anywhere.

The Photosynthetic dashboard gives you a complete overview of everything that is going on with your plants and equipment, with real-time monitoring and control anywhere on web, mobile, and tablet.

Predictive AI optimization.

Our AI solutions enables you to detect possible problems or anomalies and take action before things get out of hand.

Preventive maintenance.

Live notifications tell you not only when things don’t go as planned, but in some cases even before they happen.

You will get a notification directly to your inbox or through push notifications on your phone (don’t worry, you can also turn them off).

Ultimate light control.

Our patented method for mixing light using software enables precision lighting control which is unparallelled in the CEA industry.

With more than a decade of expertise in LED technology, we offer unique and automated programs for anywhere from static fixed spectrum lights to advanced 16+ channel dynamic lights, covering the complete spectrum of wavelengths from UV to Infrared and beyond.

Achieve your goals.

Do you want to optimize for yield? Reduce energy consumption? Select for a trait? Try a new seed or variety of plant? Test some new tech in your production facility?

Start with a recipe from our existing database or create a custom project with your own growth cycles, daily programs and parameter sets.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Invite your team.

Invite your team and share your findings.

Delegate access and onboard users through our secure cloud platform.

Take a closer look

Join us in our journey to perfect photosynthesis

The Photosynthetic dashboard makes my job to optimize production a lot easier. Information is presented visually and intuitively, so I don’t have to spend time thinking about what I’m actually looking at or how to present and use my findings.