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Leading the Dynamic Lighting Revolution

...based on patented LED technology.

Photosynthetic provides advanced dynamic lighting with a light spectrum tailored to your plants, which enables improved yields. Our lights are built to the highest standard and features industry-leading energy efficiency up 4.0 μmol/J.

For vertical farms and greenhouse.

Everything you ever wanted to know about your plants...

...but your R&D team never told you.

Numbers tell you what’s happening. Photosynthetic’s visual insights tell you why. So you can make the changes that matter.

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RaaS | Here's how it works

Discover how to optimize your plants performance by adjusting growing conditions and continuously A/B testing with different inputs (spectrum, intensity, photoperiod etc.).

Watch your plants grow. Our fully automated system measures and monitores them through multiple sensors and you can watch them grow live on camera.

Multiple sensors are collecting all data in real time while our AI monitores all variables to help you making smart decisions.

Our research as a service enables you to analyse your data and helps you in making science based/data driven descisions

Access the results through our cloud-based platform. Monitor the experiment, analyze data, and produce valuable insights wherever you are.

Connect to lighting, sensors, HVAC, fertigation, irrigation, etc.

Solve real world challenges with plant science.

Learn how we work with growers, research communities and technology suppliers around the world to push boundaries of controlled environment plant production.

"Photosynthetic has the potential to become an exciting breakthrough not just in agriculture but for the whole food production system"

Reinier Wolterbeek (CEO)

Data security is at the heart of everything we do.

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