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Lighting solutions &
software control



Monitor and control plant growth conditions

Manage your key performance metrics with our farming management software.

Increase yield, production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption. Optimize your farming system to your needs with our scientific approach to plant production with the use of Photosynthetic’s software.

lighting solutions

We offer you tailored lighting solutions that get the best out of your hardware and software. Our LED technology is unique: advanced dynamic or static lighting, as well as an ultimate lighting control paired with a fully automated lighting system, let you: Reduce production costs and increase plant growth effectively.

Explore, experiment, and optimize with the Photosynthetic R&D Lab

Experiment, test, and optimize growth conditions. Acquire key insights and create valuable intellectual property.

Create new plant recipes with the Photosynthetic R&D Lab, that are ready and optimal for scaling up your production.

Our Mission

“We explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.”

Who is Photosynthetic?

Founded by award-winning LED technology pioneer Rift Labs, a technology company with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Photosynthetic is a brand focussed on delivering tailormade solutions for the CEA sector.

We are working towards a sustainable future.

A future loved by people, plants and planet.