GreenTech Amsterdam 2024: Photosynthetic launches New Dynamic Grow Light Solution for Controlled Environment Agriculture - Photosynthetic
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Photosynthetic, a leader in innovative agricultural lighting solutions, is proud to announce a new dynamic grow light specifically developed for the CEA industry. This product is an advanced dynamic lighting solution aimed at enhancing plant growth and yield, optimising energy efficiency and promoting sustainability. Photosynthetic invites all attendees to experience first-hand the Photosynthetic D-series of Dynamic Grow Lights at booth 05.464VF in Hall 5 at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024.

Supporting Farmers with Sustainable Agriculture Technology

Halvard Aagaard - CEO of Photosynthetic

“We are thrilled to launch the new Photosynthetic D-series of Dynamic Grow Lights, which not only delivers market-leading light performance in terms of spectrum and output, but also sets a new standard for energy efficiency and plant health in the CEA industry. This innovation, already installed across several facilities globally, underscores our commitment to sustainable food production and supporting farmers with cutting-edge technology that meets the demands of modern indoor farming,” said Halvard Aagaard, CEO of Photosynthetic.

New Photosynthetic D-series of Dynamic Grow Lights with market-leading performance and energy efficiency revealed at GreenTech Amsterdam

At GreenTech Amsterdam 2024, Photosynthetic unveiled its latest innovation: the D-series of Dynamic Grow Lights, which boasts an impressive energy efficiency of up to 4 μmol/J. This state-of-the-art multi-channel dynamic grow light is designed to meet the complex needs of modern vertical farming and greenhouse operations.

Key Features of the Photosynthetic D-series:

• Advanced dynamic lighting powered by Synthia™, Photosynthetic’s patented software control system*, ensuring optimal light spectra for various growth stages, maximising plant health and yield.
* available also through API for full integration with existing farm management software.

 • Industry-leading energy efficiency: Up to 4 μmol/J, reducing energy costs, avoiding excess heat in the
production area, and extending product lifetime. 

 • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Plug-and-play setup accessible for both small-scale and large-scale
operations, designed for easy service, durability and long-term use with minimal upkeep. 

 • Fully customizable: Available in custom spectrums and lengths with integrated and centralised power

 • Fully certified: Meets all industry standards and regulations ensuring safety and reliability, including an IP66 rating for dust and water protection, suitable for all kinds of indoor farming environments.

 Learn more about the D-series here.

About Photosynthetic

Photosynthetic is a CEA lighting brand operated by Norwegian LED technology company Rift Labs, that have been developing award-winning LED solutions for the global market since 2010. Combining unique and patented software with industry-leading energy efficient hardware, Rift Labs creates exceptional LED technology solutions with several industries. Rift Labs’ headquarters is located in Vinterbro, Norway, with subsidiary and commercial office in Berlin.

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