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Data-driven plant growth optimization

Photosynthetic enables vertical and indoor farming installations to analyze, identify and optimize growth and achieve profitability and higher yield while saving energy and manual labor.

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A/B test and optimize growth.

Set up experiments to create unique plant recipes, fine-tune and automate all inputs and outputs.

Continuously A/B test different growth conditions and different types of plant, adjusting all inputs dynamically to reduce energy costs, achieve higher yields and improve the end product for the consumer.

All collected data is securely stored in the cloud, processed and value-added by AI, with full support from our in-house team of plant scientists.

The perfect spectrum of light.

A core part of Photosynthetic’s solutions is Rift Labs’ patented LED technology, which involves the use of complex mathematical models for mixing light, enabling extremely precise control and consistent high-quality lighting across all intensities, temperatures, and wavelengths.

By fine-tuning and automating all inputs and outputs, using an optimized spectrum with intensity limited to the precise amount of light a plant can absorb at a given time in its life cycle, you will be able to reduce energy costs, achieve higher yields and improve the end product for the consumer.

Automate and
take control.

Get the most out of your CEA system with our farming software.

Photosynthetic’s patented software enables you to gain valuable insights using the vast amount of data which your production facility already generates through proprietary algorithms and intuitive data visualization.

We combine consumer-grade UX design with industry-leading precision control and data management, fully integrated with your existing setup.

Make use of our existing database and know-how on indoor plant production to get up to speed quickly, and enjoy predictive corrective actions based on our AI solution.


Who is Photosynthetic?

With a decade of experience as a LED technology pioneer, we’ve gathered scientists, engineers, data enthusiasts, coders, and indoor farming professionals to solve challenges in the controlled environment agriculture sector. Combined we speak 15 languages, including JavaScript. Our Story ->

Our Mission

“We explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.”