Our Story - Photosynthetic
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Our Story

Exploring the spectrum of light

Photosynthetic is a brand by award-winning LED technology pioneer Rift Labs, pushing the boundaries of the science of light for more than a decade.

We strongly believe that indoor farming and CEA are the future of food production. Our expertise within data generation and AI to enable precise control of plant growth inputs will help growers around the world to optimize their production.

Powered by our patented technology for mixing light of different wavelengths and other inputs, growers use our solutions to create and recreate the optimal plant recipes and growth conditions.

We are driven by our ambition to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.

Our Mission

“We explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.”

Our Values


dare to dream big, be bold and challenge yourself and the world around you


allow yourself to be inspired, it will in turn inspire others.


never be satisfied by the status quo, improve yourself through dedication and effort over time.

Meet our Team

We’re scientists, engineers, product developers, coders, and farmers. Starting with a simple challenge of what we couldn’t grow outside in Norway, we challenged ourselves to grow inside, we’ve taken Controlled Environment Agriculture to another level – with ultimate precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Sustainable Business Innovation

We are committed to driving innovation and plant research to help facilitiate the transition of the global food production system towards sustainability.


Made in Norway

Scandinavian engineering meets sustainability and innovation. A few years back we set about engineering new lighting tech to improve the quality and clarity in our lighting range. The way we work is all on the same floor plan. We talk to each other. The products are assembled by hand in the same building they are being engineered and designed in. It’s not a secret, it is our recipe for superior quality.

Photosynthetic is located in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Oslo and Berlin.

Our Offices


Sjøskogenveien 5

1407 Vinterbro


Norway Office

Filipstadveien 5

0250 Oslo


EU Office

Köpenicker Strasse 40

10179 Berlin