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See Photosynthetic in action.

Experience Photosynthetic for yourself with our interactive live demo, click around, and try all key features first-hand.

Here's how it works.

Photosynthetic gives you access to an intuitive and visual way to discover, consolidate, and understand plant needs.

Timelapses are playbacks of plant growth. Watch full recordings of each experiment from seed to harvest and gain intimate knowledge on your plants entire life.

A live dashboard combined with our interactive analytics tool allows you to easily and intuitively get insights from large amounts of data on both plants and equipment.

We use sensors and advanced imaging to see what your eyes cannot. Access the cutting edge of fluorescence imaging technology without breaking the bank.

Photosynthetic’s powerful AI gives you suggestions for how to improve.

You know what happens to your plants as they grow. But do you know why?

With the combined power of Photosynthetic's intuitive tools and features you can discover new opportunities to optimize growth.

Measure yield and learn why plants underperform

Visualize your growth, and understand where your plants are getting lazy by zooming into relevant data.

Extract and share the most meaningful parts of your insights

Export snippets of your data and images and save them into special collections that you can easily share and analyze with your team.

Stay on top of your growth metrics

Get a high-level view of growth data and spot issues before they become serious, identify trends, and find deeper insights with your Dashboard.

Save time and effort. Integrate Photosynthetic with your current hardware

Connect Photosynthetic with your existing systems, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

Get started with Photosynthetic

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Photosynthetic. Understand your plants — start free, today.

Here are six reasons why countless plants grow better with Photosynthetic

Reduce cost of manual labor

Save 1000+ hours of labor per year through automated data collection, with AI and machine learning to automate further.

Increase speed of R&D

Increase your rate of innovation  with improved products, processes and competitiveness, without need for hires.

Select for traits

Measure different characteristics and correlate inputs and outputs to select for a specific trait.

Increase yield and reduced waste

Get insights into production processes and effect of different input factors on product characteristics to optimize production.

Achieve consistent results

Create unique recipes for your plants and replicate the results at scale in your production facility.

A/B test variety and technology

Make direct A/B comparison between suppliers or product lines, for example two different varieties of seeds for basil.

Get started with Photosynthetic

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Photosynthetic. Understand your plants — start free, today.