The Team behind Photosynthetic: Local, International, Global. Tackling challenges to shape the future. - Photosynthetic
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Rift Labs is a company, but we, the people at Rift Labs, are a team of passionate individuals committed to creating amazing products, exploring the spectrum of light, and making an active contribution to society through technology and innovation. 

Sounds ambitious? Yes, it is.  

Ambition, vision, a spirit to explore and our variety of backgrounds, education, cultural diversity, and language skills make it possible. With our focus on creating, making, producing, researching, and improving, we, the team, get to go beyond what we originally imagined was possible.  

“The beginning was nothing more than a ragged band of nerds and our passion to create.
We’ve learned a lot since then, but still, remain true to our original purpose.” 

– Morten Hjerde, Founder & CTO

We’ve grown a lot since then.  

With our variety of languages and reach, we may be making the products in Vinterbro, a small town outside Oslo (Norway), but the world is where we belong. Norwegian, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Urdu, Bengali, Bosnian, – the more – the merrier. A local company, a global community, and a united mindset.  

Working with the science of light, Rift Labs has for the last decade been at the forefront of innovating and reinventing lighting for the photo and video industry. Some examples include introducing the first RGBWW light achieving an unprecedented 95+ CRI over the entire range of color temperatures, making the first lighting control app with the ability to capture moving light via your phone to recreate any color and light in your scene or video, and introducing the first lighting effects like fire and strobe. Animated light, effects, gels, and more are all inventions that have since been picked up by other manufacturers. 

We are immensely proud of the technical brilliance of our lights, and we’re very proud of the people behind the products, too. The team itself is the secret ingredient to making truly amazing things.  

And where we are now, is still just the beginning.