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Optimize yield,
increase profit
& reduce cost.

Photosynthetic enables vertical and indoor farming installations to analyze, identify and optimize processes to achieve profitability, higher yield, and more growth while saving energy and manual labor.

Who is Photosynthetic?

Founded by award-winning LED technology pioneer Rift Labs, a technology company with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Photosynthetic is a brand focused on delivering tailor-made solutions for the controlled environment agriculture sector.

Our Partners

Analyze, identify and optimize with our R&D Lab

Create new plant recipes with the Photosynthetic R&D Lab, that are ready and optimal for scaling up your production.

The key is a stable environment, collecting data with advanced sensor technology, and fully controllable variables.

Experiment, and maximize growth conditions.

lighting solutions

We design and manufacture custom lighting solutions to your needs. With a decade of expertise in LED technology, we offer unique setups: Advanced dynamic or static lighting, as well as an ultimate lighting control paired with a fully automated lighting system that enables you to reduce production costs and increase plant growth effectively. Our holistic design and manufacturing process of custom lighting solutions grants a perfect harmony between the plants, hardware, and software.

One tool to track and control it all.

Track and control your key performance metrics with our farming management software. Our scientific approach to plant production enabled by our software optimizes the farming system to your need.

Increase yield, production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.


Our Mission

“We explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.”

The team behind Photosynthetic

With a decade of experience as a LED technology pioneer, we’ve gathered scientists, engineers, data enthusiasts, coders, and indoor farming professionals to solve challenges in the controlled environment agriculture sector. Combined we speak 15 languages including javascript.

Halvor Kvifte

Project Management and Mechatronics
Sr Mechatronics Engineer

Md. Rakibul Islam

Research methodology, AI, and machine learning
Chief Scientist

We are working towards a sustainable future.

A future loved by people, plants and planet.