Photosynthetic R&D Lab for plant science - Photosynthetic
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Photosynthetic R&D Lab for plant science

A fully automated and self-contained R&D lab for optimizing growth conditions and production inputs to precisely what a plant can absorb at any given time in its life cycle.

  • Continuously A/B test and optimize performance data through the cloud to accurately determine the optimal conditions for plant growth
  • Dynamically adjust lighting conditions and test different spectrums and wavelengths before implementing at scale (spectrum, intensity, photoperiod, etc. )
  • Verify technology setups before making investment decisions (type of LEDs to be used, input parameters to be regulated, etc.)
  • Acquire key insights and create valuable intellectual property such as tailored plant recipes


By fine-tuning and automating all inputs and outputs of plant production, growers will be able to reduce energy costs, achieve higher yields and improve the end product for the consumer.



Made in Norway for a future loved by people, plants and planet.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (cabinet)

Transport (L x W x H)
3082 x 1973 x 1302 mm
Operation (L x W x H)
3082 x 2374 x 1471 mm
Service (L x W x H)
3082 x 2489 x 2981 mm

Dimensions (grow chamber)

Grow tray
1140 x 1140 mm
Isolated volume
1222 x 1222 x 510 mm

Input regulation

Air temperature
Relative humidity
Water EC (adding nutrients or fresh water)
Water pH (adding acid or base)
Image camera
Still image/time-lapse video
Mixing tank level
Light intensity
Up to 1000 µmol/m²/s (PPFD)
Light spectrum
12-16 individual LED channels (example range: 385-735nm)
Light temperature
2000-20000 (Kelvin scale)

Data management

Web app (web browser, phone/pad, integrated tablet)
Secure cloud storage


UV filter
18 W UV-C
Particle filter
Any fit GrowMax Water Eco Grow

Power requirements

230 VAC 16 A Schuko (Type F)
Ethernet RJ45, WiFi


Grow cycle program
Daily/hourly (all inputs)

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